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no credit check loans are a lie?
When looking for a loan online, you may be tempted by companies touting “No Credit Check Payday Loans”. The fact of the matter is that with recent changes to the rules and regulations by the FCC, you will have your credit checked. Lenders are no longer willing to provide payday advances to people with bad credit, and the United States regulations ensure that they can’t as well. This is primarily to avoid situations like the big banking crash circa 2008 where poor quality loans were bundled in with high quality loans and sold as packages to other financial institutions. When the buyer would go to collect on their loans (as was the point of investing in the loan packages in the first place) they would realize they can’t actually collect on the poor quality loans. Their institution would then be re-evaluated for their assets and many of them ended up being seen as bankrupt and were then forced to sell at a loss to bigger institutions.

Then How Can They Say No Credit Check Loans?

The simple answer is they just haven’t updated their information since the new rules and regulations have been put in. The only way to get a payday loan with no credit check is through a private party (friends, family etc.) as any government regulated organization requires it. This, however, doesn’t mean you’re out of luck if you have bad credit. Loans for people with bad credit are still widely available. Just because it’s required to check your credit doesn’t mean you can’t get a payday loan!


Getting a loan with poor credit from these “loans with no credit check” companies.

Instant Loan No Credit can’t vouch for the terms and conditions of other payday loan providers or brokers, however,  the lenders we link you up with will have terms you need to read over before accepting a loan. Lenders will typically work with you to the best of their ability to get you the loan regardless of your credit standing. The next time you search “no credit check loans” on the internet, consider giving us a visit first!

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