High Risk Loans

Bad Credit History

Life is not always predictable and sometimes you get thrown events and payments that you were not
planning on and simply do not have the money for. Getting the cash you need for emergency payments
such as car and appliance repairs can be difficult and even impossible for many people. There are
possibilities for those that are denied credit from most lenders.

Getting a traditional loan from a bank is not an option for many people especially if you have bad credit.
Banks look at credit history when approving loans, so if you don’t have the good credit banks are looking
for getting a loan can be impossible due to the bank categorizing you as a bad borrower. A bad credit
report is usually the result of lots of debt, failing to pay off debts on time, defaulted loans, bankruptcy,
or “orders to pay” judgments.

Apart from credit history, banks may categorize you as a bad borrower for a number of other reasons
and thus consider lending to you to be high risk. You may be a high risk borrower if you have a
tremendous amount of debt, no credit history, no assets (such as a house), an unsteady job history, or if
you are a first time borrower. If one or several of these situations describe you then you are a perfect fit
for a high risk loan.

High Risk Loans

A high risk loan is a loan that is a high risk to the lender. It is considered high risk to the lender because
they take a large risk in lending to a person that may not be paid back.

These personal loans are also a high risk to the borrower because the interest is so high. The belief of
lenders is that the lender is taking such a large risk in gaining higher interest that they can’t afford not to
pay off the loan and default.

Types of High Risk Loans

Apart from high risk personal loans that you get from a bank, there are other loans that are considered
high risk. Payday loans and cash advances are also considered high risk because they are offered to
people with bad or no credit at a high risk to the lender. These loans also have high interest and are also
offered for lower amounts of money and for a short amount of time. You can apply for these loans at
any payday loan establishment or online. Like high risk loans offered by banks these loans are fast way
to build better credit so long as they are paid back in time and in full.

Applying for a High Risk Loan

Because high risk loans do not require good credit history, applying for them is considerably easier than
traditional loans. Because high risk lenders do not look at your history, most lenders only require proof
of income. Many lenders can be found at banks and online. After approval for a high risk loan, lenders
will determine the interest of the loan based on how large of a risk the loans will be for them.

Most high risk loans are for smaller amounts of money. They are usually given for a couple thousand
dollars or less, but it is possible (yet rare) to get a five digit loan.


Interest on high risk loans is extremely high. Lenders determine the interest based on how high the risk
of the loan is for them. The interest starts at the lenders minimum and goes up with each risk the loan
presents. This is determined by how likely they believe you will make your payments on time and how
likely it is that you will make all your payments until the loan is paid off. In many cases the interest can
be higher than 20 percent. With interest this high it is important to keep in mind that you will end up
paying a significant amount for a relatively small amount of money.

On top of the interest, banks may request that you have some sort of collateral in case of default and
failure to pay. Collateral can be in form of cars or furniture, but it is usually something tangible you have
to use.


Paying for high risk loans is different than most traditional loans because they are paid back in a shorter
amount of time. This means you should not take out a larger loan than you know you will be able to pay
back in the short time allotted. Remember that when it comes to loans it costs you money to get money.

Building Credit History

One of the good things about high risk loans is that they give an opportunity for people with poor
credit or no credit to build a better credit history. While taking out these loans is a huge risk, if they are
paid off on time they can improve credit scores. If you continue to build and improve your credit score
eventually taking out high risk loans will be unnecessary as it will become easier to be approved for
traditional loans.


High risk loans are exactly what they are called, high risk. It is a big risk for the lender to give the loan,
and it is a very big risk for the borrower because of the high interest. Despite the large risk and interest,
this may be your only choice when it comes to getting a loan. Everyone comes upon hard times at
some point where borrowing money is a necessity, but borrowing that money can be difficult due
to bad credit history. If bad credit history is an issue for you then a high risk loan may be the perfect
opportunity to get the money you need and build a better credit history.

It is important to remember that despite the easy accessibility to these loans, paying them off comes to
a very high price. The high interest should be kept in mind when considering taking out a high risk loan.

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